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Well begun is half done – especially when it comes to product designing!

Our digital designing tools ensure the best possible result for any projects at hand.

What should you know as our customer?

Well, nothing about designing or manufacturing cases whatsoever. You probably have an idea – tell about it to us! We are more than happy to hear your idea and make it happen. We take care of the technical implementation such as dimensioning, tolerancing and other technical details, you don’t have to worry about it. Just let us know about your vision over the phone, face to face, sketched on paper or digitally, and we do the rest.

Community tools and remote access

To be able to share the design with you, we use a digital community tool that enables you to scrutinize and dimension the product in the drawing on your own device. The design can be provided as a 2D- or 3D model and you can share the design with your working group. Our planning meetings can also be held remotely by screen sharing among participants.  However, sometimes projects are more complex and require local expertise, and in this case we visit the location and make preliminary planning work on the spot.

ERP as a memory bank

Memories might fade, but not the data in ERP! Our product designs are stored for later reuse, so you can always contact us if there’s a need for more products of the same design. When needed, we can also label your products so that all information from  drawings to component details will be saved and stored for later use.

Every contact is taken into account

Would we be the right service provider for you? Contact us and your project is one step closer to the goal!

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