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Finnish professionalism

Casemakers Oy was founded in 2014 and has since manufactured high quality flight cases for professional use. The company has met the needs of its customers by developing innovative products and creating nontraditional solutions, which have then become examples in the field event technology and the industrial sector.

Our customers are companies, organizations and individuals in the field technology as well as the creative sector. Our products are used by governmental and communal sectors, army and air forces, mining industry, schools, event organizers and many more. The secret to our success is our ability to understand the customer’s needs as a whole.


Casemakers Oy is founded

The company is established in November 2014 and starts to operate in Hamula, Keitele.


First automation investment

The company acquired their first CNC milling machine to enhance their production process.


Labour force and equipment

As orders multiply the company hires more employees and doubles the size of the working space.


The online shop is opened

The working space goes through a complete renovation and is doubled in size again. Products are listed online and the first online shop for flight cases in Finland is opened.


Second automation investment

The company invests in the SCM Morbidelli N100 working centre. The entrepreneurs are awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year -award and the company starts using ERP software.


Renovation of high-bay warehouse

The warehouse space is increased to 400 square meters and the company’s production record is broken.


Third automation investment

Automatic gauge control increases precision in cutting. The machinery is upgraded and the designing process of flight cases is automated.


Software upgrade

New online shop opens and the information system is upgraded. Process machinery is renewed and the 5S system is implemented.

The Birth of the Case Factory

The end of the summer of 2014 and great timing. One of the founders, Henri, received a message from is soon-to-be business partner: “Do you know how much one of those automated machine tools would cost?” That sentence was the starting point of a partnership manufacturing flight cases. In his professional career Matti had faced a problem and solving it required fresh skills. The event tech industry was booming and protective flight cases were in demand. The challenge was to carry out customized solutions in Finland.

“There is this one space in Hamula, Keitele”

The company’s sales book was opened way before they had premises or equipment. The partners quickly established a limited company remotely on a weeknight, on opposite sides of Finland. The first woodworking machines were bought second-hand and the barnhouse of an old cow ranch became the company’s business premises. Since the ranch had already been shut down a while before and and the autumn days were getting darker and darker, the barnhouse was as cold as the outside air.

The first cases were manufactured by hand with the temperature being under 0C, until we decided to make an investment to improve the production process. We bought our first machining center and started planning to transform the premises into a real workplace. For years we worked long shifts every day of the week. Manufacturing flight cases wasn’t our only challenge, but we had to renovate the old barnhouse into a technical production facility, too. The entrepreneurs gave their everything.

Experience and know-how

Matti had years of experience of working in the AV industry, and Henri had the know-how of civil engineering design. From early on we decided to execute product design digitally, because both founders were fascinated by precision and accuracy. Our thought were validated once we realised that our first automated machine tool could execute our plans with 0,05 mm accuracy.

From the very beginning Casemakers has been a pioneer in the industry, and the company has created solutions that many of the “old hands” in the industry have since started using, too. We opened the first online shop to sell flight cases to consumers in Finland in 2017. Our activity was acknowledged and in 2018 the entrepreneurs were awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year -award. The company’s efficient investing in modern industrial machinery was noticed as well as the excellent quality of the products, and the company started receiving orders from abroad as well.

The Future of the Case Factory

The company’s strategy includes efficiency, ecology, development and service-based solutions. Our goal is not to be the biggest flight case manufacturer in the world, but rather the best. The even more efficient utilisation of materials as well as circular economy of waste management will be new aspects in developing of the company. Industries reform and necessities change, so the developing of flight cases will continue actively.

Casemakersin mustaksi pinnoitettu kuljetuslaatikko.

Company information

  • Owners: Matti Nuutinen, Henri Hänninen
  • Founded in 2014
  • Home place: Keitele, Finland
  • Business ID: 2652863-9
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