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Component machining

The machinery we use not only serves the end product manufacturing processes but can also be the key to component production. Our manufacturing range includes serial production of components,  cut-to-size panels and perforated aluminium sheets – all according to required specifications.

CNC machining

We have invested in the SCM Morbidelli N100 working center which is designed and engineered for large-scale nesting processes. Unit’s working range is 160 x 360 cm with maximum panel thickness of 12 cm, and it’s applicable for simultaneous loading and unloading of components. SCM working center has an independent blade unit and tool magazine system and it is an efficient saver of time and materials.


We have also invested in automatic gauge controls. These custom-made controls with accuracy of ±0,1mm enable us to cut aluminium sheets and profiles according to precise size and angle specifications. Stock length for the profiles is 4 meters, and you can also deliver your own profiles to us for the cutting work.


We can also perforate aluminium and metal profiles as per desired patterns using a perforating machine that has 12 adjustable and transferable units.

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